Price your cakes like a pro, every time

Do you second guess your cake prices when giving a quote to your customers?

Wonder if you're charging too much? Too little?

Do you know if you're actually paying yourself enough for your time, never mind actually making a profit for your cake business?

The Cake Cost Calculator will help you to accurately price your cakes and give you confidence with every quote.

Price with confidence

The Cake Cost Calculator helps you to quickly see how much your cake will cost to make, add your hourly rate and your time, and the calculator will automatically give you your cost and profit to ensure you never undercharge again!

Never under charge again

  • 70+ ingredients pre-loaded for you to get started straight away

  • Editable weights and costs to update with your own when needed

  • Example cake for you to easily duplicate and edit with your own cakes and recipes

User requirements: The Cake Cost Calculator is operated using Microsoft Excel. Instructions on how to customise the calculator are provided in the download.

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